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Ecovend is a small company that specialises in working with local governments to support their FOGO waste collection system, by providing an innovative method of distributing compostable liners to the community.  

As you would be aware, one of the challenges with a FOGO service is convincing householders to sort their food waste from other waste and not use plastic bags in the process. Councils that we work with have supplied a kitchen caddie and a starter pack of compostable liners to householders.  We have found this to be a positive strategy, to introduce the FOGO system as a convenient, clean, ‘yuck’ free sorting process with the aid of the eco liners. Additionally, removing the temptation to use plastic bags as an alternative liner option. This initial start-up campaign is enough to get those not totally committed, to become active food waste recyclers.  The big issue with this strategy however is the ongoing difficulty of distributing compostable liners to those that want to use them and of course the ongoing costs to Council. 

Ecovend has developed an innovative system to address these issues; a specialised vending machine that is capable of distributing rolls of 8 litre compostable liners to the householder from convenient locations such as local shopping centres.  

Ecovend is the only company providing this service in Australia and we are committed to long term sustainable waste management. 

The benefits from the Ecovend system include: 


  • Ecovend can impliment this service at zero cost to council.  

  • Compostable eco liners will not be wasted, they will only go to those wanting to use them. 

  • It is a user pay system. 

  • The system will be in place by the time FOGO commences. 

  • Ecovend is committed to lowest possible pricing. 

  • Compostable liners can increase food waste diversion by at least 30%. 

  • Compostable liners will be readily available from convenient locations. 

  • Ecovend also has an online purchasing option. 

  • Compostable liners and vending machines can be customised with Council logo’s and branding. 

  • Ecovend will take full responsibility for the future distribution of compostable liners allowing Council to concentrate on its core business. 

  • There are no procurement obligations. 

  • Options allow Council to be involved as little or as much as they like. 

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